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2019 IPO Annual meeting

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IP Service Provider Search

Welcome to the IP Service Directory.  IPO created this resource so our corporate and law firm members can easily find companies that provide intellectual property related services.  You can filter by category or search by keyword.  If you would like to see all the companies in the directory, just leave the keyword field and category boxes empty and click “Find Providers.”

Please note that only IPO Service Provider members are listed in the IP Service Directory. IPO does not endorse the services or goods provided by these members. If your company would like to be listed in the directory, please consider joining IPO. Information and an application is available here. You can also contact Matt Rankin (+1 202-507-4496) to start the membership process. If you are already an IPO Service Provider, you can edit the fields that show on this directory from your profile if you are a company administrator.